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Our hours are by special arrangement or visit us regularly at Arisia (Boston) in January; Boskone (Boston) in February; and Readercon (Quincy) in July.

Monday, December 28, 2015

past history of the bookstore

WFC 2015 in Saratoga Springs, NY

Gary and Peter sold at the WFC held in Saratoga Springs, NY in early November 2015.  Gary had 4 boxes of books to be signed by authors including Gene Cook and David Drake.  Additionally, 3 boxes of  books to be signed by the artists Steven Hickman and Giancolo Donato.



Readercon 2015 (last Readercon in Burlington, MA)

Readercon 2015 is the last con in Burlington, MA after which we move to Quincy, MA.  Not good for The Mind’s Eye Bookstore, but much better for travelers. 



Boskone 2015

A bad snow storm came through the city.  A large number of cancellations.



Arisia January 2015

Good weather (meaning no snow) and a good show.  We had a great location close to the doors.  For this show we purchased an additional 3 grid panels to provide better stability.  We had the additional books we had signed from the 2014 World Fantasy convention in Washington D.C.


Readercon July 2014

This was our first show using gridwall.  We were able to get most of our paperbacks off of the table and at eye level.  We had a nice corner setup, but unfortunately we had no place to sit.  A large number of people commented on the professional setup.  David Kyle attended with daughter Kerry.  David was original owner/publisher of Gnome press.  David spent some time talking with Sally and Allen Steele and then came to visit us.


Boskone February 2014

We had a good space at Boskone with plenty of room.  This allowed us to spread out and provide our



Arisia January 2014

This series of pictures shows the work we go through to set up our booth.  Essentially a set up follows a series of steps.  Visit the space to determine layout.  Move tables if necessary.  Then unload the two cars.  Finally hours of unpacking boxes and loading shelves.  We go to a lot of effort to have the books alphabetized by author.  This takes time, but allows people looking for specific books to find them faster. 

Readercon July 2013


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The Mind's Eye Bookstore specializes in used (and some new) Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror books. The bookstore is the brainchild of brothers Gary and Peter Kushner. We are aided in our endeavor by Bren Ellis and Dan Ellis along with Ariel, Shayna, Alexa and Nathan Kushner. We carry a wide selection of books and specialize in signed books (hardcover and paperback).



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